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Md. Jawed Ahmed is passionate about Technology

I take keen interest in all matters related to technology. Right from automobiles to computers, mobile phones and Cameras. Internet is a great boon for inquisitive persons like me. It brings information within our reach. Though I must say that online information is a double-edged sword and it needs significant amount of experience to sift the relevant and reliable information from the thousands of sources of dubiuous which the search engines throw up.

In addition to new technologies I also look out for innovative applications of existing technologies. India is a land of Jugaad, and here we are always on the look out for cost-effective applications of easily available technology to day-to-day use.

Small Computers/Electronics

I have been a avid DIYer for most of my life. I have graduated from Vegakit kind(80s) of electronics to the Raspberry PI computers. I own quite a few small computers (2 RPis and 2 Arduinos), which I use for multiple functions around my home. They keep me busy on weekends.

My RPis are currently configured to run multiroom audio through streaming, download podcasts on schedule, and turn on (...and off) external lights on schedule and based on ambient light. Home Automation is my new hobby these days.

Small connected computers are the next big thing. They are called by a number of different names but the most commonly used term for them is 'IoT'. And a small device called nodeMCU brings the IoT to the common man. This device has in built Wi-fi and a host of digital and analog I/Os and it costs a mere Rs. 400. And it can be powered off a mobile charger. IoTs could not have been more accessible !

Jawed Ahmed interested in DIY electronics and small computers


Md. Jawed Ahmed Loves Cycling

I come from Odisha and have grown up in the eighties. This was the time when the japanese bike revolution was yet to strike India and the Indian youth. At that time we used to be happy with mere pedalled cycles. I have been cycling for close to 35 years now. In between I did give up cycling but I have started again for the last 3-4 years. I use an old cycle but I still relish going on long rides(>25 kms). I dont have a very hi-tech flashy cycle. Mine is a Hercules MTB model from 1995.

There is no doubt that cycling is good for health. My grand father used to cycle long distances right upto his mid seventies. I was reminded of him when I saw Amitabh cycle in the movie Piku


I believe that the best gift that a parent can pass on to their children is the "Love of Reading". My parents did and I wish to do the same for my kid some day. I read a lot...actually A LOT...I have been helped by the technology. After the advent of ebooks I have not looked back. I used to read books on my Nokia N70 in 2006. Then gradually screens became bigger and more and more books were available in epub and mobi formats. Otherwise one had to convert pdf to txt and then txt to the ebook format earlier. I relish everything, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Magazines, Lifestyle, Current Affairs.

Jawed Ahmed Reading Ebooks on all the possible devices


Md. Jawed Ahmed is a passionate amateur photographer

I am into photography big time. I own a few costly (relatively) cameras. I have been evolving as a photographer over the past 20 or so years. At one time I believed that good equipment results in good pictures and spent my time lusting after equipment which I could never afford. With age and wisdom (and substantial expense..) I realised that good equipment is not must know how to use it best. Then after a few more years I have come to a equilibrium stage where I know that every photograph does not need to be perfectly exposed...or without grains ...or without blurs. All of these are acceptable as long as one is able to capture the moment..mood...the atmosphere.

Though I own a DSLR and and high-end compact camera..I use my mobile phone the most and I accept that mobile won't give me the sharpest pics or the best low light pics. Still I use the phone a lot and I don't have any complaints.

Md. Jawed Ahmed's Travelling

Jawed Ahmed at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala May 2015

Md. Jawed Ahmed at Paavna Dam in Maharashtra

Paavna Dam Jul 2015

Md. Jawed Ahmed visited Mahabaleshwar in January 2015

Mahabaleshwar Jan 2015